What We Offer

  • Technical support for WordPress-based websites
  • Custom theme development
  • Help with 3rd party themes
  • Custom plugin development
  • Custom fixes/updates
  • Convert plain HTML website to WordPress
  • Convert Joomla/Drupal to WordPress
  • Full quotation in advance
  • Hosting for WordPress websites

WordPress is probably the most popular and best supported content management system in the world. It enables you to take full control of your content, and create news posts, edit pages, add videos/text/images with ease, and is flexible enough to cater for almost any kind of website. You can use WordPress to create ‘one-page’ scrolling websites, multi-page ‘brochure websites’, ecommerce websites, event booking websites and much more.

When building a website with WordPress, it is important to make sure that you are getting the right kind of website. As a WordPress specialist, we are able to build custom WordPress themes in-house, and offer the full support that you may need whether you are building it yourself, have an existing website built by someone else, or indeed have a WordPress website that we have built for you.

What kind of wordpress site?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of WordPress websites – those that use third-party themes, and those that use custom (or bespoke) themes. At Worcester Web Studio, we offer both. Third-party themes are a great way of getting a website up and running quickly, and offer some amazing designs and features at a very cost-effective price – we offer complete builds from £499, and you can even build them yourself with only a modest skill level required.

Bespoke themes offer an expanded range of potential features as well as a completely unique and hand-crafted design. These websites are typically designed in Photoshop, developed in HTML and then built into a custom WordPress theme. It’s a longer process, but one which gives you 100% control over the look and features of your website. Being built by hand, there is virtually no limit to the features we can build into the website.

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