Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to host your website, or what you’re getting for your money. If you like to keep things in-house we can set up your website on your own web server, but if you prefer to let someone else deal with the technicalities then we we offer a cost-effective, robust hosting package that includes:

  • Unlimited web space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited number of email accounts
  • Daily snapshot backups
  • 99.98% uptime
  • Full server maintenance and updates
  • User-accessible control panel
  • Support for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more

Our standard web hosting provides daily snapshot backups of your website going back 30 days, so the site can quickly and easily be restored to an earlier version should something go wrong. For most businesses, this is the ideal web hosting solution, as it provides the perfect combination of cost/performance/reliability.

Do I need Web Hosting?

If you don’t really understand web hosting you’re not alone – most people know they need it, but many are not sure what it is. In a nutshell, web hosting is where your website is actually stored. Every time someone views your website, they are accessing the files on the hosting server. Without a hosting server you can’t set a website live, so no matter how big or small your website you will need some sort of web storage.

How Reliable is Your Hosting?

Our website hosting has an average uptime of 99.98%, so downtime is a very limited. As a fully-supported hosting platform, you don’t need to worry about server maintenance or support for fixes – this is all included in your hosting costs.

How Much Does Hosting Cost?

Our hosting packages cost £150 per year. This includes all backups, maintenance and server support.

What About Email?

Most web hosting packages include some form of email hosting, though often this is an added extra. With our standard hosting package you can have an unlimited number of email mailboxes and email forwarders included at no extra cost. If you’re looking for premium hosted email support then we can also offer Office 365 email.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a premium email platform that runs through Microsoft’s industry-leading server network. If you are also looking for the Microsoft Office suite of software, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, then this can also be provided via Office 365 – we can set up the right subscription to suit your requirements. Some businesses like to run all their Microsoft Office software and email support through Office 365, others just use it for email, and some just use it for Office software – the choice is yours.

What About Websites With Very High Traffic?

For websites with very high traffic or those that require a very specific setup we can also offer virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server hosting. This is a more expensive option, but offers dedicated hardware resources in order to maintain stability even under high load, and is customisable to any requirement. This is priced to spec, so if you are interested please get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.