What are the biggest social media platforms and how can they help my business?

Social media is a global phenomenon. It’s everywhere. As of January 2022 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media. You’ll find it crops up in every aspect of life with users spending approximately 2 hours and 27 minutes each day on social media platforms. Whereas it was once a way to connect with long lost friends, people are now utilising the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn to help their business with marketing. Here at Worcester Web Studio take a look at how the biggest social media platforms can help your business.

Where do I start?

Social media is big business, and if you’re not doing it you are probably missing out. Whether it’s building one-to-one relationships on Twitter, or getting a message out to your fans on Facebook, utilising social media correctly can yield some impressive results, and let you reach people who would otherwise miss out on what you had to offer. Here are the current top six social media sites; 

Facebook (2.9 billion users worldwide) – The most popular platform for men and women aged between 35 and 44. Research has suggested that if you are on Facebook you are more likely to use Instagram and Whatsapp. All three are owned by parent company Meta Platforms Inc; In 2021, the company generated 97.5% of its revenue from the sale of advertisement placements to marketers. Facebook came about in the post-MySpace era, attracting the now older Millennials. And they’ve stuck with it.

Instagram (1130 million users worldwide) – Instagram is an image sharing platform, perfect for showing off your latest product. The largest share of Instagram users were individuals aged between 25 and 34 years old.

Twitter (396.5 million users worldwide) – A more instant form of content sharing, perfect for News stories and up to the minute information about ongoing events. The age range of users for Twitter is also between 25 and 34 years old.

LinkedIn (810 million users worldwide) – Primarily used for professional networking, LinkedIn is ideal for telling followers what you have been up to within your business. You can share ideas with similar minded people and connect with those who work in a similar field. Nearly two-thirds of LinkedIn users fall into the 30 to 64 age bracket. However, students and college graduates are the fastest-growing demographic.

Tiktok (1 billion users) – Tiktok saw a massive growth during the pandemic.It is a light hearted way of marketing and uses influencer marketing to show off your business. The main demographic here is 10-19 year olds.

Snapchat (319 million users) Snapchat is not all about the filters! It’s good for video ads and location based marketing. Aimed more towards teens, it focuses on sharing videos and photos and seeing what the newest trends are.

How can these social media platforms help your business?

Now you know a little bit about each social media platform, you can then make an informed decision about how you can use them to help your business. The ideal way to do this would be to incorporate them all, connecting each post to each other. We at Worcester Web Studio are adept at putting together a perfect social media strategy, combining them together to get optimum results. You can use relevant images and keywords to encourage people to comment, like and share your posts. The right strategy is key in helping you grow your business.


Whether you just need some quick advice on how to set up and which social media channels to use, or you would like someone to come in and manage your entire social media presence, we can help. Contact us and we will get back to you with a detailed plan and proposal.