Social media is big business, and if you’re not doing it you are probably missing out. Whether it’s building one-to-one relationships on Twitter, or getting a message out to your fans on Facebook, utilising social media correctly can yield some impressive results, and let you reach people who would otherwise miss out on what you had to offer.

A great example of this is Facebook advertising. You can advertise to people who, for example, live or work within 10 miles of Worcester, are married with children, and interested in family activities. Only the people who fit your criteria will see your advert, so you’re not wasting your budget on people who are never likely to need your products or services.

Likewise, there are some great alternative platforms out there that will let you reach your target audience, often without having to spend a penny. Image-based platforms such as Pinterest allow you upload your images to their searchable gallery. Users can then browse through these and create their own collections of images for the future use. For example, someone who is about to redecorate their living-room might ‘pin’ a selection of images showing sofas, pictures, tables etc that they like the look of. Getting your products into these collections, which are often shared quite heavily among friends, is a great way to create exposure for your product range and generate sales.

Whether you just need some quick advice on how to set up and which social media channels to use, or you would like someone to come in and manage your entire social media presence, we can help. Contact us now, and we will get back to you with a detailed plan and proposal.