What we offer:

  • Bespoke ecommerce websites
  • Choice of platforms including OpenCart and WooCommerce
  • Integration with EPOS Now, MailChimp and other services
  • Add ecommerce to existing WordPress websites
  • Full account management
  • Dozens, hundreds or thousands of products
  • Product variations, multiple images
  • Downloadable products
  • Integration with PayPal, WorldPay, SagePay and more

Ecommerce websites are used for selling online, whether that’s selling physical products, downloadable products or ‘virtual’ products like event tickets. You can use a ‘hosted’ platform, like Shopify or BigCommerce, or you can use a self-hosted platform like Magento, OpenCart or WordPress. Hosted platforms started to become popular in the early 2010s, as they offer very low startup costs and generally speaking take care of most of the technical challenges. They do have their own problems however, as you are generally tied into their service for the life of your website and they have monthly fees that increase as you add more features to the website and make more sales. As a result, demand for hosted ecommerce websites has started to tail off recently.

If you don’t want to use a hosted service, then you can use a self-hosted platform, which gives you full control over your website, and allows you the flexibility of hosting it wherever you like. If you have a preferred platform in mind we can build a website as per your requirements, or if you’re not sure we’ll give you some options and recommend the best platform for you.

We can integrate with a variety of payment gateways, allowing you to accept debit/credit cards as well as PayPal. We can also create subscription payment systems, bulk discounts, pricing tiers and comprehensive delivery options allowing you to ship anywhere in the world at a variety of shipping rates.

Please get in touch for further information or a free quoation.