Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to my Website?

When you have set up a brand new, slick website but are experiencing low traffic it can leave you asking the question of why isn’t anyone coming to my website? We get it and that’s why it’s our role to explain why you may be experiencing this. Launching a new website is an exciting challenge for any business when done correctly; it’s important that you are optimising your site, attracting the right traffic and ensuring your website is user friendly. If you feel as if you have done everything right but the numbers don’t match then this could be why.

Lack of social media

Social media plays a big part in many of our lives and is often a way for people to find the information that they need – meaning your website must be accompanied by social media. Having blogs and social media connected to your site helps to build your reputation, earn credibility and give customers more ways to interact with you. Social media can funnel volumes of targeted web traffic to your site because if people enjoy your content on social media they are more likely to click through to your website. A good way to incorporate social media and your website is to simply link it to your site; this then allows people to share content from your site with the click of a button – making it easier to get the word out. Social media is vital for driving traffic to your site meaning it’s something that you can’t afford to ignore. 

Your site isn’t mobile friendly

With a continuous rise of mobile use you must ensure that your website supports this – responsive website design is vital. The reality is that mobile friendly sites are the future of web design; your users will be logging on to your site on a range of devices, it could be a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop but what’s important is that your site is prepared for all. Google ranks mobile sites higher in mobile search reviews so it is essential that your website can meet customer demands. Having a mobile friendly website boosts your sales and conversions, increases accessibility and maintains long-term loyalty and customer retention. It’s important that your website is easy to navigate and by having a site that is always accessible, establishes credibility and trust is a cost effective way to boost your SEO. 

Slow loading times

When you’re browsing the internet, what’s worse than a website that takes ages to load? Nothing and that’s why users will immediately abandon the site if they are left waiting. Usually people will wait around three seconds before they click off the site which just goes to show that every second counts. How fast your website loads can be the difference between keeping and losing a potential customer because not everyone is patient so people won’t wait – especially if they can find the information elsewhere. Things like large images or too much code on your page can be the cause of delays in your website’s loading time. 

Your website doesn’t have a blog

If you don’t have a blog on your site then it’s time to start writing; this is going to help boost your search engine rankings, build credibility, increase website traffic and build relationships with customers. Posting blogs helps to drive traffic to your site as fresh content helps you to place higher in search engine results and create more leads than those that don’t blog. This is because adding new and relevant content to your site will ensure you stand out in the ranks of major search engines. Blogging allows you to attract the right people to your business because you are showing them that you are a trusted source and have knowledge within your industry. They allow you to share your expertise and can answer questions that your customers might need answering. 

You aren’t creating new content

New content creates new traffic so the more content you create, the more opportunities you have to be found. Search engines want to see regular content that is being posted consistently so having new, fresh and exciting content regularly being pushed out is a sure-fire way to rank higher on the search engines. SEO alone won’t be effective unless you are also creating content that users want to see; you are missing opportunities to put your site in front of potential customers if you aren’t posting updates or relevant information. 

There are many reasons why your website isn’t experiencing as much traffic as you may have thought but by tweaking a few things you will start to see positive results in no time. Always ensure you are posting regular and up to date content, have a social media presence, push out blogs and have a site that is mobile friendly. You must ensure that you are providing your customers with a good user experience so putting time and effort into your site is a must. 

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