What Your Website Designer Needs From You

If you are considering or have recently enlisted the help of a graphic designer to support the creation of your new website, then you should expect a briefing call to discuss the full creative requirements for your project. This first call is a vital part of the process as it helps to establish the initial elements of the design from which all of the creative elements will stem.

Of course, prior to this call you will have established the purpose of the website, what you are looking to achieve with it and what the goal is for the end user. This is something that you will go over with the designers, to help identify any areas that should be featured or focussed on within the design – a homepage box or direct link for example.

A New Website Project

If you are creating a brand-new website, the initial conversation will cover whether you have any existing branding or colours / fonts that you would like used within the website. You should also expect to talk through the different visual options, whether you are looking for pictures or graphics for example, and the sort of feel you are hoping to achieve from these. Usually the conversation will also discuss your creative and digital likes and dislikes, to establish a feel for what you are looking to see, as well as any styles or features you definitely do not want to see!

A Website Update

If you are updating or rebranding an existing website, you should expect to talk about your current site and the elements you are looking to keep or update from this. This will include such as the font and colour scheme, providing the designer with an understanding of your brand guidelines and allowing them to make sure that the new designs fit within this brief. The call should also discuss whether you are keeping the same content and imagery or whether you would like to update this, as this can all be incorporated into the design phase.

In rare instances there are pages on your website where the design might need to be led by the development, for example if there is an additional function within a page for which the coding might restrict what it looks like. These should all be discussed with you up front, and your designer should make it clear that despite these restrictions the page will still follow the styling established on the rest of the website.

If you are considering using a graphic designer within your new website project, have a look at how we can support you or get in touch for an initial conversation.