What is Google Remarketing?

Google is the top search engine across the world and a lot of time and effort is put into your website’s optimisation by both digital marketers and web developers. This all helps to ensure that your organic listing (the usual results you get from a search) is strong and working hard for your business, but what else can you do to promote your business even more?
Google Ads are widely used, but a less commonly used feature of Google Ads is Remarketing. This is simply a way to connect with users who have previously interacted with your website or app. You’re probably familiar with adverts that seem to follow us around the internet – these are generated by Google Remarketing Ad campaigns, where Google strategically places the adverts in front of us as we continue to browse the web.

Why use Google Remarketing?
A Google Remarketing campaign can be used for many purposes, whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness, grow the number of registrations to your newsletter or to push your sales activity. By showing a targeted advert to people who have previously interacted with your business and have moved on, they are already a warm lead who is aware of your business and may still be looking to make a purchase or contact you. Your product or service can stay right in front of them as they continue their shopping journey, keeping you fresh in their mind.

Can I target specific audiences with Google Remarketing?
Yes, you can – you can create specific lists to advertise for different situations. If you have an ecommerce website for example, why not have a list that targets users who have abandoned shopping carts?
There is also the option to use a feature of Google Remarketing called dynamic marketing if you are looking to take your remarketing a step further. This allows you to have a database of adverts or products setup and the advert will be able to show each person the unique product or service that they viewed on your website.
By using Google Remarketing, businesses often see a significant increase in their conversion rates compared to their standard advertising, as the audience is already invested with your brand before they see the remarketing advert.

Be careful though – remarketing can be overdone, and Ad Fatigue is a recognised problem which can arise from a poorly managed remarketing campaign.
For all of us, there are adverts that seem to be everywhere we go whether that’s a TV commercial, radio advert or something online, there is a limit to how many times you can see or hear the same thing without getting frustrated. This is what we need to avoid with remarketing, so it is always best to split your audience lists by duration and show them a different advert depending on which section of the campaign they sit in. This gives you additional opportunities too, different offers and enticements can be tested on these sections to see what appeals the most and you can use this knowledge moving forwards in additional marketing campaigns.

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