What are the benefits of using Elementor?

As a business specialising in web design and development, we are always creating eye-catching, cutting-edge websites for our clients. Years ago building state-of-the-art websites was a long and drawn out process; editing was a challenge and building a brand new site required technical expertise. Elementor has become a popular tool for web developers as it provides access to the best tools to design and build engaging websites. But what are the benefits of using Elementor? Why is it one of the best ways to build a website?

What is Elementor?elementor features

Elementor is a drag-and-drop builder for WordPress – there are two versions, a free option and one you pay for. Here at Worcester Web Studio, we use – and encourage the use of – Elementor Pro as this offers more advanced functionalities. Our experts utilise the full extent of the capabilities with Pro; although the free version still allows great features to create a well-structured website. Elementor enables you to create unique pages using a visual editor, build websites quickly and control the design in one place. The platform offers various tools and features to customise a website according to your brand’s image and vision. It is used as an effective tool for building anything – from a full website to specific landing pages. Elementor works for everyone and can be understood and implemented easily to create world-class websites. 

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is the premium offering accessed by paid subscription. It works as an extension of Elementor and offers added benefits and features on top of everything already provided. Pro offers extended functionality, such as key professional widgets and features. It also lets you unlock the entire template library. You will also gain access to helpful pop-up and form builders as well as numerous updates. Customer’s often enquire about the extended features of Elementor Pro so let’s take a look at the benefits it offers. 

elementor pro

Quick and easy to build websites

When building a new website there are three things you want, a quick and easy process with great results. Elementor enables a smooth operation meaning designs can be quickly brought together for clients without them having to wait for long periods of time while it’s being built. Without the advanced features of Elementor, building new websites can become a lengthy and frustrating process. This is a powerful and effortless builder with flexible tools like fonts, enhanced background images and motion effects to effectively build unique website designs. 

You have full control of the theme

One of the great things about Elementor Pro is that you can visually design all parts of your website. You are no longer restricted to pre-designed themes and can take full control over every single aspect of your website. This means that you can offer clients the exact design they want and create a website that reflects their image perfectly. This also means your website can easily be tweaked and changed over time as and when it’s needed. 

Advanced widgets and features 

elementor elements

Elementor Pro includes a range of key widgets and features that are crucial to any web developer. It offers features such as animated headlines, post widgets to display blogs, WooCommerce widgets, slides and media carousel. These are key to creating a slick, unique and well designed site – they help your website to stand out from the rest.

Allows you to create mobile friendly site 

When creating a website you must ensure it is mobile friendly. Features within Elementor allow you to tweak the design to work perfectly on each device. You can view your pre-designed pages in mobile, PC/laptop or tablet mode to make changes so everything fits correctly. You can also use responsive mode to make any amendments to all parts of the site to fit and work on each device. These tools allow a mobile friendly website that works on all devices.

With over 1.8 billions websites online, it is vital that your website is well built and ranking high. It is easy to see that both Elementor and Elementor Pro offer a range of different benefits that allow us to create unique, well built and strong websites. This is why we use Elementor Pro here at Worcester Web studio. 

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