‘Twas The Website Before Christmas

As the end of what, let’s be honest, has been a challenging year for most of us approaches, we turn our attention forward to what we can do differently in 2021. Hopefully leave the house without feeling like a fugitive for one, but what about from a business point of view?

Although we have seen a lot of businesses turn their focus online, with click and collect services booming, how much time have you actually spent on keeping your website up to date. When was the last time you tried to go through the full purchasing process, book an event or find the information you know is on there somewhere? Do you keep an eye on the user experience of your website and make sure that it is easy for the consumer to use, no matter what device they are browsing on? If you aren’t sure about the answer to any of these questions, the time has come to do something about it. Make your improving your website your New Year’s Resolution, and put it front and centre of 2021.

There are some simple first checks to make here, for example is your website mobile friendly? Mobile web browsing has increased significantly across the last decade, with any website that isn’t at least mobile responsive doomed to be that solitary broken bauble left abandoned in the bottom of the Christmas box. To perform well in search engine optimisation you have to consider mobile, with responsive and mobile-first websites sitting proudly on top of the organic search listing tree.

How about your content – you slaved over it when you launched your website, but has it been updated since? You have to make sure that your pages are relevant still to your service offerings and that they have been properly optimised for search engines. If your website isn’t providing users with the content or information that they expect and need to see, they will leave, and you’ve lost that custom. It’s like the doll your Great Aunt Marjorie gives you each year, when she started it was just what you wanted but maybe you’ve grown out of it now; something new and current would be much more helpful and you’d engage with it significantly more.

What is your website asking the user to do – the final call to action? Are you looking for phone calls or form submissions, purchases or referrals? Whatever the purpose of your website, the call to action has to be clear to the user right from the start, whichever device they might be using. You can’t afford to say “It’s Behind You” – it has to be right there for the customer when they reach your page so that they can take that action with minimal disruption. Don’t let it become “Oh no it isn’t”; if they can’t find it on your website, they will go somewhere they can!

Here at Worcester Web Studio we are a team of experts who can help guide you throughout the entire digital journey. From search engine optimisation and content creation, to freshening up your graphics, technical optimisation and website development we would be delighted to have a conversation to see how we can help.

So, if your website is looking a little careworn, if you’re looking to revamp, refresh or even restart your online presence going into the New Year then why not follow that star, get in touch with us, and give your website a fresh coat of paint this Christmas?