Our New Hosting Platform

Website hosting is a complex topic, and it’s easy to feel lost in the many different platforms, operating systems and server specifications that you have to choose from. However, above everything else, the two key factors are generally speed and reliability. Hosting on an unreliable or slow network can actively harm your website’s reputation with Google, not to mention your visitors or customers.

We use a variety of platforms at Worcester Web Studio, enabling us to offer the right solution for each client. As a web agency, our clients trust us to make this decision on their behalf, as knowing the ins and outs of every platform is almost a full-time job in itself. As a result, we need to constantly evaluate our hosting setup to ensure we are always able to offer the best service for the best value to each of our clients. For our busiest and most demanding websites, we need very high spec servers that can cope with high loads and visitor numbers while remaining fast and stable for all users. To help achieve this, we have recently switched our high end platform over to Simply Hosting.

Powered by the latestĀ Dell PowerEdge R430 dedicated hardware, the new platform offers a 10-Core Intel Xeon E5-2640 CPU, along with 32GB of DDR4 RAM, 1TB of storage and unlimited bandwidth over a guaranteed 100Mbps connection – enough to power even the most demanding of websites. The platform also guaranteesĀ 99.999% network uptime, and 100% power uptime.

In case you’ve ever wondered what a web server looks like, you can see an actual photo of our server here:

The server is located in a top-spec data-centre in Reading, which is great for speed and optimisation. What’s more, the Simply Hosting company itself is based in Worcester, which is great for us and we’re always proud to work with local companies and promote Worcestershire as a great place to do business.

This isn’t our only platform however, and we user a variety of other hosting services that allow us to ensure that each client is on the right platform for their requirements. Whenever a website outgrows its hosting platform, we are able to upgrade it to a higher spec platform overnight, ensuring minimal downtime, or in most cases no downtime at all. We can also migrate websites from other platforms, so if a website is hosted with another supplier we can move it for you, and deal directly with the current host to ensure a seamless transfer.

If you want any further information about web hosting or our other services, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.