iPhone 5 Announced

After much (rather accurate) speculation and rumour, the iPhone 5 has been officially announced by Apple. Featuring a 4″ display (tall enough for an extra row of icons on the Home screen!), a faster processor, support for LTE mobile internet networks and a thinner, lighter design, the new iPhone is due for release on 21st September 2012.

The new screen is now full 16:9, so watching widescreen TV programmes will now fill the entire screen without losing any of the picture, and the new 8MP camera will mean photos taken on the phone will be even sharper than before. The front-facing camera will also be getting an upgrade and, should be need it for any reason, will support 1080p video calls.

The only downside for many existing iPhone owners hoping to upgrade, is that Apple has replaced the existing 30-pin dock connector with a new, proprietary connector – meaning any devices you own that use the current socket will need an adaptor before they’ll plug into the new iPhone. Some had previously lobbied Apple to change the socket to a standard USB socket, but proprietary connectors are big business and it seems Apple won’t be moving away from them any time soon.

You will be able to pre-order an iPhone 5 from Friday – if you’re lucky.