Future’s End Events

This was a great project that we really enjoyed working on. Future’s End Events run award-winning live-action roleplaying (LARP) events, and they needed a new websites that could be used to sell tickets to their events online, as well as provide an information wiki that detailed the various rules of the game. Users needed to be able to login to the website to see what events were coming up, and then purchase tickets – either per event, or using a subscription-based season pass.

We built the website in HTML and then ported it across to WordPress. By using WordPress, we could seamlessly integrate a shopping platform (WooCommerce), a calendar function (Events Calendar Pro) and a subscription-based payment option (PayPal Subscriptions) into a single website. WordPress also allows for simple, intuitive content editing, so the Future’s End Events team are able to make changes to the content of the website as well as create new pages whenever necessary.

Finally, by using the MediaWiki platform (the same wiki platform that powers Wikipedia), we were able to build a fully-fledged information wiki for the rules of the website, which we hosted on a sub-domain (http://wiki.futuresendevents.co.uk) but on a single hosting platform.

If you want to know more about Future’s End Events or LARP’ing in general, take a look a their website here.