Five Signs Your Website Is Boring 

The great thing about web design is that if something is not quite working, it can be changed and updated. Websites are one of the most important aspects of your brand’s online presence so keeping it up to date and engaging is vital. If you’ve started to notice a lack in user engagement, a decrease in traffic and lower conversion rates then this could be an indication it is time for a change. Luckily there are simple things to look out for that suggest when things aren’t working. So, let’s take a look at five signs your website is boring. 

The importance of an engaging website

An engaging website is an easy way to keep users on your site for an increased amount of time. It also helps you to compete against your competitors and create a positive impression with potential consumers. You want your site to provide a fun and interesting user experience; if a consumer feels bored then they will instantly click off and look for a different company. An engaging, memorable website makes people want to return and can attract others. This then helps to increase your conversion rates significantly. So how can you identify if your website isn’t engaging users? 

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Your website takes too long to load

Have you ever found yourself clicking off a page because it didn’t load quick enough? If you answered yes then you are not alone; in fact if a website takes longer than three seconds to load, approximately 40% of users abandon the site. The first thing a user will notice is how fast the website loads – they will acknowledge that before the home page is even seen. Therefore, you want to ensure you are creating a good first impression as soon as that mouse is clicked. Remember, speed is a reflection on the quality of your website which in turn is also a reflection of your business. A site that loads quickly will also help to assure you are appearing in the Google search results. 

Your website needs to load perfectly on all devices; computers, tablets and mobiles are popular ways that people will view your site so ensure they all load correctly. You must build a responsive website that can be loaded perfectly as this is what will keep your users engaged and on your site – waiting is boring and as humans we can be very impatient. 

You are lacking imagery

If your website pages consist of block text and no imagery then your users are going to find this boring and unhelpful. Imagery and video help to bring a page to life, they are an easy way to engage users and keep them on your page for longer. A plain design can be boring, whereas visuals help to draw potential consumers in and make them want to know more; their role is to capture a user’s attention from the very start. Images are also much more memorable than text and our brains interpret images a lot quicker than blocks of writing. Using images of the team and staff also helps to humanise your brand as users can get to know you as a business and put a name to a face.

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You aren’t blogging regularly

As 77% of internet users read blogs, regularly posting them is a must. This is an easy way to share information about your business and services whilst increasing your SEO. A blog helps to create a personality for your company which helps to build credibility and trust between you and potential consumers. You can use blogging to show off your knowledge, offer advice and share company news – helping to keep users engaged and interested. Posting regular blogs means your users have a reason to come back to your site and can feel excited about what will be posted next. Not only will it help keep your site interesting, but you can also use it to help keep your social media presence strong. 

Your website isn’t up to date

Web design is always evolving, meaning top brands are quickly having to adapt to changes. A user can tell straight away if a website is outdated; a snap judgment will be made and they will become bored of it very easily. Having an up-to-date website helps to build trust and credibility with consumers and shows that your business is still in service. A website that is boring and hard to navigate is going to scare users away before they even get to know your business; you could offer the best services but without a strong online presence and website users simply won’t trust it. To stay on top you need to keep users engaged; this can be done by keeping content fresh, updating your security and constantly improving your website’s design. A website that is looked after and always evolving helps to give a modern feel and is much more attractive to users. 

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You have a high bounce rate

If you have started to notice that your bounce rate is high then this is a clear indication something needs changing. A bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your site after only viewing one page. If users aren’t spending a large amount of time on your site then chances are the content and website has become tiresome. Consistent, suitable and informative content is an easy way to help reduce bounce rates. It is also important that you have an interesting and engaging homepage that stands out to ensure people want to click on further and discover the rest of the site. 

If you have read through these five signs and feel that your website may be boring then there is no need to panic. There are different things that can be tweaked and changed to ensure you are gaining the best possible results. Regularly posting blogs, including interesting imagery and ensuring fast site speeds are simple ways to keep users engaged and interested.

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