Bespoke Building

The Bespoke Building website was great fun to design, particularly thanks to their super high-quality photos that showcase their work. The main brief for the website was to act as a showcase for their projects, and let the images speak for themselves. As you can see from their website, the images are a prominent part of the design, and show off the very detailed and careful craftsmanship that the Bespoke Building team are known for.

In addition to the static images, the client also asked to show off some of their videos. To do this, we modified the standard WordPress ‘news posts’ system to use featured videos instead of featured images. This change allows the client to add new videos quickly and easily, and the videos are automatically placed in the middle of the post, and use responsive design to fit the size of the browser screen.

We also installed a photo gallery, allowing their images to be browsed using a ‘lightbox overlay’, which keeps the user on the gallery page and doesn’t rely on annoying pop-ups, which are often blocked by modern browsers.

For more information about Bespoke Building, check out their website here.